Normal Smartwatches and other premium. Of the latter there are not many, But if we find. Is Apple Watch a device from those of luxury? The edition of course, and I understand that the Sport is more or less in that definition. And in the competition? Certainly the majority are more or less affordable models,… except one: the recently presented LG Watch urbane LTE, one of the few who do not opt for Android Wear and when we tested it already saw how wanted to go a step further in what aesthetic concerns.

Sexy and beautiful; a premium smartwatch of its price which will be in the market that already is known: LTE – this model with that name and connectivity without Android Wear, unlike the Watch Urbane Yes will bring WiFi and Google’s system – It will initially sold in South Korea by 540 euros, country that has been the first to confirm it.

Will it reach other regions? By now we know it. In Spain surely consider normal, non-LTE model, and it is likely to be something cheaper but not reach approximately 200 euros that cost right now here the Android Wear (220 euros G Watch R; 195 euros bike 360). Another of the US fell in love with was the ASUS ZenWatch, a little surprising beauty and which do have that aspect premium although at more or less normal price, now 251 EUR at Amazon.

Already beginning to have some variety, and that is to be welcomed. Most manufacturers have chosen to start by cutting economic products and it seems that the market of fashion and luxury begins to curdle, it is the time to go further and bet on finishes and aesthetics, not to mention of the high price. Smartwatches premium? No doubt it will be one of the following steps.