Who hasn’t heard of the clocks of Daniel Wellington? Everyone is talking about them, and the famous and bloggers look them with her outfits daily. Unisex models, whose hallmarks are simplicity and classic elegance.

Watches are one of my weaknesses, and when I met the signature I chifló. Daniel Wellington It is a watch brand Swedish gradually given in Europe. Great designs and sober with leather or nylon straps color, ideal to wear with everyday looks.

Each of the models has a special charm, perhaps is its fine field of 6 mm, available in pink gold and silver, and without excessive ornamentation, the secret of his success. Its minimalist and traditional air did dropping faces known as Sara Carbonero, bloggueras and lovers of watches… rendered to her charms.

By the way, the spheres are available in two sizes and some models have small Swarovski crystals within the sphere.

Where do they come from?

It was back to a trip in balloon launched by its creator Filip Tysander, who met an English gentleman who used watches vintage with nylon straps. Your name: Daniel Wellington. In 2011, they start to be marketed and today cause furor.

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