About TAG Heuer in our publication we had not spoken too, a little about mobile luxury signed by the Swiss company, but nothing about his specialty, watches. The European country watch industry is moving to assimilate the technology in their creations, in an attempt to fight with what is coming from Apple, Google and Chinese companies.

We have seen a few first steps by Swatch, also the approximation of designers such as Michael Bastian along with HP, or the intention not to touch the sphere by Montblanc, placing the brain on the strap. Now it is the turn to the smart clock of TAG Heuer.

We will know it in a few hours, according to Reuters and Bloomberg, this week. All indications are that the developed company of the group, LVMH, will create an intelligent one of its best-known watches version the TAG Heuer Black Carrera -that of the photo. They tell us that it will maintain a classic look, and will be able to register the location of the user.

A TAG Heuer watch connects the user with the history and eternity. A smartwatch as the Apple, makes it the future. A smart watch by TAG Heuer, will offer both to their owners. Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of the Swiss company

The partner who have been sought for the adventure is Intel, not to move in this Internet of things and devices for carrying positions. The company’s processors does not want to pass him as with mobile phones, and not to create hardware platforms and associations – Fossil, Phoneblocks -.

Less Swiss, more Silicon Valley

As a curiosity, to put the stamp of denomination, applied you has to be 50% manufactured in Switzerland. “The new TAG Heuer will be a little less”Swiss Made”that older siblings, since for the technological part have to resort to Silicon Valley.

Android Wear becomes luxury phones

In the part software there is no information, some media are committed to that will be part of the Association of Google, with Android Wear as an operating system. We must not wait too long to answer questions, the presentation is planned for these days, in the Basel World (19 to 26 March).

Confirmed, Google is within the project with Android Wear. Now phones with Google platform can compete in price with some versions of Apple Watch “cache”. As an example, a promotional image of the trio of companies involved: