The Smartwatches Are Also a Thing of Children: FiLIP Sports Small and Reassures Parents

Telefónica has announced during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona the marketing of FiLIP, the smart watch that already was released in United States in 2013 through AT & T and now come to Europe and Latin America through the Spanish multinational.

This device is intended for children aged between 4 and 11 years approximately, and offers several services that allow you to be calmer with respect to our little ones. The device is equipped with GSM, GPS and WiFi technologies for the Geolocation, but in addition is capable of make and receive calls and receive messages.

In the location section we therefore have sufficient guarantees that at all times we will be able to locate the position of the clock and therefore child who wears it, and we set that transmission of the position to be carried out with greater or lesser frequency or directly only shows when ask it. Everything is controlled from a mobile application that is available for iOS and Android – for the moment nothing Windows Phone-. Those options includes the establishment of safe through geo-fencing areas, in such a way that if children move out of areas delimited by us a notice will reach us immediately.

A clock that calls and receive calls, and is not for adults

Add as we said the ability of the child to do and make calls to localization settings: each watch has five contacts that parents will define and that the child can call at any time. Also parents can call small, that they are equipped with microphone and speaker in the device to gain access to this capability: We therefore have an option that in fact it is not even available in the majority of smart watches (adult) market. It is also possible to send short message text (in fact very short, 24 characters only by the limitations of the screen) from the mobile application to your device.

The emergency button It is another of the key sections of the device: when the children maintain pressed the button between two and three seconds is the attempt to sequentially call five contacts that are predefined in the watch list. During the emergency call call data and sounds that can occur around the device are stored, but in addition these calls cause the immediate update of the location of the small, with a refreshment automatic 60 seconds until the call is cancelled.

The autonomy of these devices is approximately two days, Although depending on use can be reduced or increased. The Watch has certification IP63 so you have some protection against water, but in any case is submersible for a long time. In the design, clearly aimed at children, we find two versions in which bracelet – interchangeable with various colors – can be open or closed. In the back of the clock, we found the Micro SIM slot and a Micro USB connector that we charge the internal battery of the device.

Telefónica not yet confirmed date or price definitive start to the sale of the device, added to which is the range of services with a monthly fee allowing access to all the features of FiLIP. In United States, to make us an idea, the clock costs 149 dollars and the share of service AT & T round 10 dollars. Telefonica will market this device exclusively in various European and Latin American countries, and they have confirmed to us that Spain will be one of the first countries in which it will be possible to find this solution.