The Week That Comes Will Be Pebble New, Everything Points to New Platform

Makers of Pebble They show an account back on its web page that makes one thing clear: the next Tuesday at 16:00 (Pacific time) will have news to tell us. In Pebble not give more data except for the small chart – in “mode 8-bit” – one of their watches.

A few days ago already indicated that they had passed the million smart watches sold since its inception, and advanced to in 2015 will be a software platform that “no it looks like nothing seen in Smart Watches so far”

Eric Migicovsky explained at the time that the applications will be part of that platform, but not the central axis of it – and what about developers? There may be topics protagonists as the monitoring of physical activity or perhaps a voice recognition that would him very well, but this time assumptions.

Pebble operating system was recently upgraded to offer interaction with notifications for Android Wear, an interesting enhancement that appears to be small what now want us to present the company responsible for. We will be very atparecen willing to continue competing in one of the areas that has generated more expectations in recent years.