Travel to Thailand

By | May 12, 2021

Thailand is without a doubt one of the most beautiful countries in the world and it is no wonder that people from all corners of the earth come here to visit in the millions every year. Swedes have long traveled to the country’s many destinations and most Scandinavian travel agencies fly here every week. People are attracted by its beautiful nature, long, white beaches, wonderful climate, fun nightlife, delicious food and exciting excursions and, not least, its extremely friendly and accommodating population,

It does not matter what kind of tourist you are; here there is plenty to see and do for all ages and interests. Or maybe you just want to lie down and relax? Thailand has everything from simple hostels to super luxury hotels so you just have to adapt the trip to what you want to do and what the budget looks like. Overall, this is still a very cheap country and you can enjoy fantastic food and drink for a fraction of what you had paid in Sweden or many European resorts.

For those who are most interested in sun and swimming, Thailand has many different beautiful beach paradises, both along the mainland coast and on different islands. Among the most famous resorts are Phuket and Koh Samui where many tourists visit every year. This is among the most developed resorts and there are plenty of restaurants, bars and an intense nightlife, while the sea and beaches resemble paradise.

If you would rather go to a little quieter places, maybe Krabi or some of the smaller islands along the south coast are better suited. Here there are even small private islands where you can spend time alone with your loved one. Once a day there is a kind of butler who makes sure you have everything you need and checks if you have any wishes.

If you go to northern Thailand instead, you can look forward to exciting trekking through the wonderful forests. You can go hiking for a day, three days or even a couple of weeks and during that time the local guide leads your group to small, traditional villages and to special strawberry places. Here you can travel along rivers, ride elephants and walk through the jungle and really experience the wild nature.

Those who go north to hike usually start by getting to the bustling city of Chiang Mai, which has Thailand’s richest night market. You can buy basically everything: clothes, jewelry, incense, figurines, textiles, etc. and at the same time try local drinks and delicacies in the many street stalls and restaurants.

For those who like a city break, Bangkok is a must. This is the Mecca of tourism and you can find everything from historical tours to a very intense nightlife. Admire the Imperial Palace, see the famous jade Buddha and shop in both flea markets and the finest clothing brands of the finest clothing brands. Do not miss the colorful boat market and go on a fun and interesting trip along the city’s waterways. In the evenings you can enjoy a tasty dinner during an evening cruise with entertainment and beautiful views. Bangkok also has a number of fine museums, not least the National Museum, which invites visitors to a real experience of Thai art.

Tips for your trip to Thailand

Tips for your trip to Thailand

A small pharmacy to have in the toiletry bag is a good idea. There are tablets that help counteract diarrhea in case you get sensations of the local food. Antipyretics, patches and lighter first aid kits are always good to have with you. If you have any medicines that you take daily, it may be a good idea to check if you are allowed to take them into the country without a doctor’s certificate. Thailand has very strict rules when it comes to medicines.

When you know where to live, it can be good to check where the nearest pharmacies and hospitals are located in case you need to visit them. Also enter the local numbers to call the ambulance and police.

Of course, you should not start from the worst, but if you are a little prepared, you will do better when it happens. Hopefully the trip will be a memory for life with only positive experiences from wonderful beaches and nice warmth.

Other good and think about things is that Thais are incredibly nice and humble people, which means that you as a tourist should show great consideration and not quarrel with anyone. In Thailand, the royal family is incredibly important and not showing respect to them can mean imprisonment, which can be good to know. Some beaches are non-smoking which is important to respect, it can also be found in some restaurants and bars.

Thailand has an incredible amount to offer and it will probably be an absolutely fantastic holiday with wonderful food and wonderful hours on the beaches and in the sea.