The Swedish truck manufacturer introduces an own Smartwatch for truck drivers with the Scania watch. The base but offers the Smartwatch 3 Sony.

The Scania watch allows truck drivers monitor their vehicle and a better coordination of their ride. A built-in function allows the carrier so, for example, to monitor the current tank of gas and its fuel consumption. To better appreciate the whole thing, one is also supplied with usage statistics from the last 7 days.

The so-called “driving support score” of different values to determine the current driving behaviour and is therefore as a kind of clever passenger to help the driver. The driving support score calculated percentages of current driving behaviour and then displays them on the screen of the watch. This is to improve the efficiency.

The watch gives information also about the distance traveled. The carrier thus permanently keeps track of its activities. First, the number of Scania watch is limited to 999 copies. How quickly they will be sold out, remains to be seen. All interested parties the clock can order here for 295 euros.