On Blocks Wearables I have spoken, it’s an English project that will try to bring to market watches that are as smart as modular. They were present at the last CES, showing his intentions, but with little substance to better understand the initiative, or compare it to other.

Today we have much information on the subject at Ebizdir.net, concerning interior clocks, but also about its appearance, since they show us the final design that will have different models and modules. Although they are nothing more than recreations, we remind you that what we saw previously were non-functional prototypes.

There are two interesting to know things. The first has to do with the internal hardware, which comes signed by Qualcomm, as the vast majority of intelligent watches we’re seeing come out on the market. Specifically, a small chipset Snapdragon 400.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 Blocks inside

Best Android Android Wear

And we have seen in many clocks Android Wear, which is not exactly the platform chosen for modular Blocks watches, since its designers prefer to opt for Android to dry, in its version sounds Lollipop. They have preferred to work customization and interface for your account, as well as making it compatible with Android and iOS phones.

The modular platform is complete: communications, power and connectors function as they considered that it should be a modular watch.

The basic idea you it can imagine, create models with many possibilities of customization, or add new features: additional battery, sensor heart rate, GPS receiver, additional motion sensors to record sports activities, etc..

In addition to Android and Qualcomm in the project, has signed an agreement with Compal, a renowned Taiwanese manufacturer of hardware, so be responsible for the creation of products.

It is interesting to know that the developer has partnered with design and jewelry firm Tateossian, with the intention of providing modules and designs that claim again public attention, not only for those interested by technology.

There are no dates or prices for the project of Blocks, in fact is going to start a crowdfunding initiative This summer with the idea of accelerating the process. I smell, even going well, we’re going to sometime well into 2016 – 7-8 months after the release of the campaign. Also it is possible to know sell very well all the ideas that have in mind, and get a fat fish and stay with them, and we watch. Everything we have seen in this world of technology and business.

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