Watch the World’s 25 Classics Jaeger Lecoultre Memovox

Clockwork can include a variety of features or “complications” as it is often called the language. Some, such as date display, or timing is both common and practical while others équation du temps or månfasvisning ports more in it a bit snooty glidarsegmentet today we’ll look at Jaeger-LeCoultre Memovox, a model that has become symbol of one of the most useful complications; alarm.

Jaeger Lecoultre Memovox Watch

Although the very first wristwatches with alarm function came into being in the late nineteenth century was the first in the forties when the Vulcain Cricket was a success as the type had seriously. As a reaction to the Vulcains success released Jaeger-LeCoultre 1951 his f first alarm clock, “Wrist Alarm”. Five years later launched the Swiss Watch House Memovox which was the world’s first automatic alarm clock.

The fifties and sixties Memovox-watches are today popular vintage items, which is not very difficult to understand. Unadorned, elegant watches with an MadMenesque design, sensible size and modest rates characteristic of large portions of the Memovox series. Here at InternetAges you can get more different models of the electronic products. The handy alarm feature is today with cell phones in everyone’s pockets may not be quite as necessary as it once was but still a worthy way to wake up from the Sunday afternoon nap on the couch, keep track of when the old SL: even parking expires or recall that that meeting will soon be held.

1959 extended Memovox Deep Sea-line, the first dykaruret close to 100 m, equipped with alarm in two different versions–one for the U.S. market and a design in a somewhat more restrained performance for the European. The model was produced until 1962 in total 1061 ex and 1965 was replaced by Polaris (resistant to 200 m!), which until 1970 were manufactured in total of 1714. For frequent travelers, released 1958 Memovox Worldtimer, alarm on part of the Board provided with a number of world cities to keep an eye on the time around the world (a rather rudimentary GMT solution that many brands have used).After this, the alarm function found in other models such as the Grande Memovox perpetual calendar monsterklockan.

Many of the above models have in recent years attracted the attention of Jaeger-LeCoultre and released in very popular Heritage models. Among the new interpretations, that is in practice identical new editions with modern works, can be found both in both variants of the Deep Sea that Polaris and Worldtimer. The latter was presented at Genèvemässan 2011 in a has recently published under the name Memovox International.

The modern collection includes then again during its 2010 Memovox correct name in the form of Master Memovox. The alarm function can be found also in the Aston Martin-AMVOX partnership and the sporty Master Compressor line, not least in the super cool in itself, but the name and theme wise, unbelievably lökiga Navy SEALs series.