Watches for the Groom: Discover the Most Suitable Men’s Models for That Occasion

Although the bride is the center of attention on the wedding day, the groom must be up to the occasion, after all, the marriage is also his, and this is a very important day for both. Groom’s clothing and accessories should be chosen carefully and one should be compatible with the other. A typical and popular accessory is the men’s watch .

Watches for the Groom Discover the Most Suitable Men’s Models for That Occasion

Men, who are now quite vain about how they look and dress, need to be careful when choosing the right accessories for the occasion. As they do not usually have many decorations in the production, the watch becomes a fundamental and prominent part in the visual.

It is common to be nervous when choosing the look that will please most, combining comfort and elegance. There are so many (and so beautiful) choices of watches that you can get a little lost.

So, see the tips below for models to wear on the day of the wedding and that match the look to be adopted.

Minimalist Watches

The minimalist wave is getting higher and higher. More than a way of dressing, minimalism is a way of life. Here, less is more, there being no exaggeration anywhere. The decor is simple, without many trimmings, but quite elegant.

Some classic models, with metal bracelets or even leather, for example, are excellent for this type of suit. All that is classic and simplified house lines well with the minimalist style.

A good example is the Tambour Quartz model with brown dial and Louis Vuitton leather strap.

Casual Watches

There are weddings of all kinds, and some of them may have a more informal style, such as those occurring on the beach, where the groom can wear a pair of shorts and a shirt. There is no requirement for very classic watches or gold tone bracelets.

Watches with colored leather straps or just a detail with an extra color – such as sewing – are excellent for this type of party. The ones manufactured with a special type of rubber are great too, because they protect the accessory from the sea air.

One model that fits well is Dumont DUJR10C / 8P.

Sports Watches

Here we can also talk about marriage on the beach or even somewhere open, in a field or on a court. Usually, this is most often seen in themed weddings or when the bride and groom are fans of some team. In such cases, the watch model may be more sporty .

On such an occasion, the outfit can be fine sports – without the use of a tie or shirt outside the pants, but still with a suit – with formality in the measure. The watch should follow this trend. The watch case usually has some colorful details, but nothing that draws much attention. Pointers can also be differentiated.

The Technos 6P79AI / 1R can be a good choice.

Contemporary Watches

Here we are talking about the groom who enjoys a more modern look, without leaving the classic aside. He knows how to wear a perfect matching suit on the wedding day and does not dispense with a classic but reinvented accessory.

In this case, pocket-size men’s watches are excellent because they can show a more vintage style, mixed with a modern look, which provides a good contrast.

An interesting model is the Orient, the East Star line, with a dark blue color box – which gives an extra boost in the accessory.