What are the Types of Tourism?

By | November 21, 2019

There are travelers who like to go to the beach. Others prefer cultural trips. Others want adventure. For all of them, there is a right kind of tourism. Meet them here!

Tourism is an economic activity that goes through many variations and innovations, which structure offers according to demand. The different profiles of tourists, with different and diverse expectations and motivations make it necessary to understand this demand for tourism products and services to be offered meeting the expectations of these groups.

Demand-based segmentation of supply defines existing types of tourism and takes into account geographical, historical, architectural, sporting, cultural manifestations, public and private services, accommodation and leisure.

Types of Tourism

According to these definitions, we have defined the main types of tourism in Asia. Come with us to know a little!

Cultural tourism

The cultural tourism is the tourist activity related to the experience with the cultural heritage, with cultural events highlighting and promoting the tangible and intangible assets of the culture of a people.

Those who practice this type of tourism are interested in the experience and experience of the local people. They are interested in museums, cathedrals, art galleries, archaeological sites, everything that tells the history of the place. Here in Brazil, this type of tourism often happens in historic cities such as Ouro Preto and Olinda.


Ecotourism is a tourism activity that uses sustainably, the natural and cultural heritage, encourages the preservation and conservation of the places and also seeks an environment-oriented formation through experiences in the environment. natural environment. The tourist of this type likes farm hotels, natural parks, rivers, lagoons etc.

Study or Exchange Tourism

In this type of tourism, the traveler can learn new and break places learn more about the language, take undergraduate courses, masters and doctorates, investing in their professional and personal growth. Trips to work voluntarily on social projects can also be considered Study Tourism.

Rural tourism

This type of tourism is for those who want to travel and enjoy the calm and beauty of the countryside. Activities such as horseback riding outdoors, drinking cow’s milk, having a breakfast with elements of rural cuisine such as cheeses, cornmeal cakes and a wood-burning coffee are chosen by travelers who want to practice rural tourism.

What matters to these people is the experience in the countryside and the investment in families that use the countryside to support themselves.  

Sports tourism

This type of tourism is basically made up of people who love sports and travel anywhere to attend events such as World Cup and Olympics. These people enjoy the days when they will be of age to know the culture of the place.

Adventure Tourism

This type of tourism is sought by tourists who enjoy a good adrenaline rush and extreme activities such as trekking, diving, rappelling, rafting, tree climbing, hang gliding flights etc. These people are always looking to push their limits and challenge themselves.

Business Tourism and Events

This type of tourism is practiced by those who make business meetings and for those who go to a destination for congresses, seminars, fairs focused on the corporate environment. Usually they travel for work related reasons and are not taken into account vacation periods or extended holidays.

Sun and Beach Tourism

This type of tourism attracts those who loves sun, sea and a good beach, practice this activity all year. Generally tourists choose vacation and extended holidays to enjoy the coast of the country.

Health Tourism

The health tourism is practiced by people who want to rest and take care of body and soul. People looking for thermal baths, spas, crystal and herbal cures are the tourists looking for destinations for this type of tourism.