Many are an update of the operating system that you can not install, that has done the latest model to the market… the reasons that lead us to change mobile phone, but surely you have yours and going it to have on our Question of the week.

When do you decide to your advanced mobile phone need a renewal for your kids as the fashion trend?

If this maelstrom renew equipment already was a headache for many consumers, with the consolidation of smartphones and the advanced operating systems, this question takes on a special role. And we want to know and share how you live it, xatakero.

The question of the week

Along with smartphones, the gadget’s House is the TV, especially when we refer to the Smart TV. Last week I wondered how would your perfect tv smart, and the most voted answer I believe is shared by a good majority of xatakeros (in addition to the cheap):

A TV between 42 and 55 inches, to be already possible with technology that it will be implemented in 4 k, 3D, high contrast and a high refresh rate. On the other hand with a disk hard at least 1 TB since with what occupies the HD content will fall short for us something more small. Connection to the internet. Have at least 2 tv tuners, to watching TV on a channel and taxing another, see a party while a movie or program, or record two channels at the same time. With timeshift function to pause and rewind tv. An interface similar to the XBMC with the aeon skin, and as this program features: ability to download Internet information, covers, funding and evaluation of the film and its actors.

Thanks to everyone for participating.