Withings Activite Pop: Smartwatch Comes on Monday

In contrast to many other wearables are still the design in the foreground seems to at the Smartwatches by Withings. On Monday, the new is Withings activite pop for 149 Euro to have. The clock is relatively simple, chic, timeless, available in three colours and is probably different than at other Smartwatches, not immediately as such identified. In fairness one must also admit that competition makes often more Smartwatch functions as the Withings activite pop.

The clock is connected to the Smartphone via Bluetooth automatically, at the same time is the time of smartphones is applied so that even time zones can be detected directly. Currently supported only iOS and the user must at least an iPhone 4s, an iPod the 5th or have an iPad of 2nd generation here. Android will be end of February also compatible. The ‘problem’ with lack of battery life does not occur when this Smartwatch because as with conventional watches provides a supplied button cell, which of course can be purchased, about 8 weeks of battery life. Still, the Smartwatch can count calories and supports activities such as running, swimming or sleeping. The health and fitness of the respective carrier unite with the design in the foreground, so that the clock as a very fashionable accessory can be described with the main Smartwatch functions in the field of health.