In the majority of cases, we learned new products of Xiaomi by the company itself, which does not suffer too many leaks about new topics in which is involved. Today is Reuters which comes to us that it is developing Smart shoes.

The young but powerful Chinese company, better known here by their phones, will partner with the manufacturer of sportswear Li-Ning. Together to create smart clothes, at least some sneakers are already in the oven at

Xiaomi intends to continue growing there where you can and see interest from the public, and the wearables are not a territory to ignore. In shoes that are creating, there will be a technology capable of log activity, and it will stop directly to the sole.

The rest of the story we can imagine it: wireless connectivity and a mobile device to check and manage collected data. The company is involved in the game Huami Technology, that is who helps Xiaomi to create the affordable my Band, that has all the earmarks that not affect too much in the price.

Li-Ning seems the ideal partner

Li-Ning needed a deal like that you anticipate, since it goes through a difficult financial period

This is therefore another product that they will cross the Chinese border without too much opposition, to go to stores that work with Li-Ning, or through those Xiaomi wants to go riding in the United States and Europe (with accessories, phones).

Nothing about prices and date of departure to the market, but according to ingredients and statements, is not expensive. Xiaomi again turns to surround the Shenzhen technological ecosystem -Huami – to create products with the minimum possible cost, all left at home. The shoes company has somewhat more distant headquarters, Beijing.

“We have chosen to collaborate with Huami and my by the”intelligence”of its products, wearables, hope to seize the opportunity and offer sports shoes and smart priced” Li Ning

Knowing a little about the sports brand, shares name with its creator, Li Ning. He created it in 1990, and was in charge of lighting the Olympic flame at the Olympic Games in Beijing. In the games of Los Angeles (1984), he achieved three gold medals, 2 silver and one bronze. Quite a character in the country.

In terms of sports sponsorships, it is well known for going from the hand of Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat, of Elena Isinbayeva, or clothing have helped Spanish soccer teams, such as FC Sevilla and Celta.

We do not forget the clock

It takes talking about it long, and although the company is reluctant to create one, from China do not stop rumors appear on a smartwatch Xiaomi. A couple of days ago were counted some things on the device, as that would have a pulse-based identification system, would be made in a metal similar to that you see in HTC One M9, and would bet by a circular design generous size.

More credible, or at least most anticipated, it is the renewal of the Band my Xiaomi, It should be ready before the summer. Among the innovations expected would be a new sensor NFC.