They were taking, say many. Xiaomi, the company able to produce devices in a variety of sectors, plunge seems prepared to present what will be your smart watch. Is expected that that ad will occur on May 10, and then will be when we know to the smartwatch Xiaomi.

Long time that he spoke that in that event would be presented both Xiaomi Mi Band 2 as a new version of its fork of Android, MIUI 8, but recent statements from Liu’s co-founder and one of the top directors of Xiaomi, make it clear: this company smart clock you will reach the market in the second half of this year.

By now almost all are unknowns

Still not having official announcement in may along with other products – perhaps they want book this presentation for a special event – the words of Mr De make clear that Xiaomi will compete in one of the markets in which more was expected from this manufacturer.

In their statements this Executive also made clear that in Xiaomi not arise to make the leap to electric cars or smart as he did his rival LeEco, but it is evident that where you see market is in the segment of other vehicles such as electric bike.

At the moment there is no more data or images (which heads this article is not real) on the smartwatch Xiaomi, but will be interesting if they adopt Android Wear like platform base and price/performance relationship offers a device Surely it will be interesting… even though we don’t see it in the short term selling in the West.