2016, the year of the wearables from Xiaomi to be: recently the CEO of the company has shown that MI vol. 2 – now confirmed the manufacturer that also a MI Smartwatch is planned. Also a release date for the gadget is already in the room.
At a Conference in Beijing, Liu announced de, co-founder and Vice President of Xiaomi, the MI Smartwatch, reports GizmoChina. The wearable is presented in the second half of the year 2016 of the public may already in summer. Huami manufactures both the Smartwatch band 2 MI and had already announced for the secondquarter of both devices. It seems like the two wearables later come onto the market than was originally planned.
Interest in the wearable market
Apparently Xiaomi the success of the first gadget has encouraged MI band on thewearable market continue to spread. This speak also the Smartwatch for children,recently published by the company at a price of $ 46 dollars. After the company has now confirmed the existence of the MI Smartwatch, there will certainly be moredetails about the device in the near future.
In addition to the wearable market Xiaomi wants to conquer other segments in the near future: so a smarter rice cooker appeared for example not so long ago. According to GizmoChina the company does not plan to spread out on the car market; Instead, there will be vehicles for shorter distances, such as electric bikes and running robots.