Zhuhai, China

Zhuhai, China

One of the southernmost cities in China, Zhuhai is located in a very convenient place, in the Pearl River Delta, which at one time received the status of a special economic zone. But the rapid development of the economy had practically no effect on the ecology of the region. Moreover, Zhuhai is one of the cleanest cities in China, which is confirmed by numerous international awards.

Tourists love it for its huge green area, long coastline, mild climate and romantic scenery. No wonder it is often called the city of lovers. Another reason for the demand is famous neighbors. To the east, across the Zhujiang estuary is Hong Kong, and a little to the south, the lights of Macau sparkle.

How to get to Zhuhai

Getting from Moscow to Zhuhai directly, alas, will not work. You will have to fly with a transfer in Beijing, Shanghai or Pudong. The shortest flight (13 hours 50 minutes, transfer in Beijing) is offered by Air China. You can also fly to Hong Kong, take the Aeroexpress to Hong Kong Station (25 minutes) and walk 300 meters to Wan Chai Pier. From there, CTS buses run to Zhuhai. Departure every hour, travel time 2 hours.

According to Allcitycodes, the airport is located 37 km from the center of Zhuhai, where public transport runs regularly. From 7:15 to 18:00, passengers are served by 5 shuttle routes: Nos. 1 and 2 stop at the railway station, the rest – near hotels in the central quarters. Travel time is 50-60 minutes. Also, bus number 207 goes from the airport to the city from 6:00 to 21:15, the journey takes 1.5 hours.

A taxi ride to the Central Railway Station lasts 40-50 minutes and costs about 150 CNY. You can bargain!


Zhuhai has a very well-thought-out public transport system, which is also convenient for tourists. For example, the L1 tram route passes through almost all attractions. The city has a good ecological situation, so bicycles are very popular, there are plenty of rental stations.

Taxi in Zhuhai is fast, convenient and relatively inexpensive, a trip around the city will cost 20-30 CNY. Official taxis are painted yellow, green and blue. Parking is mostly free.

Zhuhai Hotels

The largest concentration of hotels is observed near the border with Macau near the White Lotus Cave Park. Almost all five-star hotels of the city are also located here, where a night in a standard room will cost 320-1800 CNY (with breakfast). You can stay in a 3 * hotel for 130-298 CNY. Apartments are rented for the same amount, but closer to Macau the price rises to 500 CNY. A bed in a hostel a stone’s throw from the estuary is offered for 60 CNY per night, and the rooms will be clean and furnished with new furniture.

Cuisine and restaurants

Zhuhai is dominated by Cantonese cuisine, typical dishes of which are fried broccoli in soy sauce, steamed minced pork with salted duck egg, stewed ribs with fermented beans, and pork in sweet and sour sauce. The seaside position of the city contributed to the spread of seafood dishes, especially grilled fish.

In Zhuhai, there are streets that are almost all food. For example, Tang Street near Jinshan Road. With beautiful architecture, beautiful nature and, most importantly, delicious food, this place has become a full-fledged tourist attraction.

Dinner at a folk cuisine restaurant costs 100-180 CNY for two without alcohol. From fast food establishments there are KFC, McDonald’s and Pizza Hut, where you can have a bite for 30-50 CNY.

Attractions Zhuhai

The seaside city of Zhuhai is proud of its charming natural scenery and rich historical sites. And if parks and squares are evenly distributed over its area, then architectural monuments are located primarily in the Xiangzhou and Doumen regions.

One of the most romantic sculptures is the Fisherman’s Girl (Xiangzhou region). There is a beautiful legend about her heroine. An angel descended from heaven fell in love with the beauty of the earth. Not wanting to return, he turned into a young girl who, in order to earn a living, began to weave nets and sell them. In addition, she taught and healed the inhabitants of the surrounding villages, which earned them love and respect. One day, the girl met the fisherman Hai Peng, and the young people fell in love. But the ill-wishers advised the guy to ask his friend for her pearl bracelet. The girl said that the decoration is not easy, it gives her immortality, and as soon as she takes it off, she will die. The fisherman did not believe. Then his beloved tore the bracelet and died immediately. Heartbroken, the fisherman went to the elder, who advised him to send Jiu Zhou to the island for the miraculous herb. To raise her the young man watered the young sprouts with his blood every day. A few years later, the medicine was ready. The girl came to life, became an ordinary mortal, but her life was spent in love and joy.

The New Yuanmingyuan is a replica of the Imperial Palace in Beijing (199 Lanpu Road). It is located in a magnificent park with a lake in the northern part of the city. There are many typical Chinese pavilions, pagodas, and several floating restaurants. In a word, a great place to take photos against the backdrop of landscapes typical for the south of the country. You can even rent the emperor’s robes for 40 CNY.

In the evenings, traditional performances of dancers and singers are held in the northern part of the park. Sometimes real sea battles are held here with the participation of dozens of boats, with shots and explosions. Entrance to the park: 100 CNY before 18:30 and 60 CNY after. Travel by buses No. 1, 25, 30 and 60.


Located in the subtropical zone, Zhuhai enjoys warm sunshine most of the year. But in May-July, typhoons periodically rage here. At this time, up to 80% of the annual precipitation falls. The best time to visit is half the year from November to April, and the peak months for tourists are March, April, November and December.

Zhuhai, China