ZTE has the sub-brand Nubia as its bulwark in the world of smartphones, and with great models as the Z9 Nubia on the market. However, this week we have presented a new family phones that are intended to compete in the market beyond the features or specifications: the new My Nubia are oriented to lifestyle and design.

according to Vintagematters.net,The first presented device is My Prague, a phone that Nubia has placed the focus on aesthetics. According to the statement from presentation the main focus of the My is set in aesthetics and design, where they opt for two colours (grey and gold), rounded frames and rear metal and white as a common element.

The Nubia My Prague is the first of many to come in the coming months and which will receive European city names, perhaps in an attempt of bring the technology of the Chinese manufacturer to Europe. Technically this new model is different for the inclusion of a ‘selfie ‘button on the left side and a set of voice commands that take pictures without the need for physical contact with the terminal; their cameras are 13 megapixel rear and 8 front.

Prague is a phone that is a very interesting first introduction on the market of Nubia My family, with a powerful model (Snapdragon 615, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB storage) which is not bad in price, 349 euros, and other superior he called ‘Elite’ that includes more RAM and storage (3 GB, 32 GB) but also more expensive, of course, up to the 429 euros.