Zuanshi SM1A Diamond-K Watch Review

Lately he has given me to buy vintage on eBay, you can buy fairly priced and are watches with history behind it . In addition to the HMT that I introduced not long ago, my latest purchases have been Chinese watches vintage and today it has been the first to arrive, I have a couple more on the way about which I’ll put them in due time. The special thing about this model is nothing more than the caliber that carries within it because the caliber SM1A-K for ten years was awarded as the best Chinese caliber wristwatch, almost nothing !. The truth is that it is not an achievement as a certification COSC but hey has merit. I copy and paste the information:

Another great success for esta enterprise was the introduction in 1969 of the SM1A wristwatch, again designated or Zuanshi Diamond. This watch featured a slightly oversized unusually large movement With balance wheel and mainspring. , Although simple design, it was capable of impressive accuracy. In 1972, in line With industry trends, the SM1A was upgraded from a 18000 to a 21600 bph bph escapement. By the time production Ceased in the mid-1980s, the SM1A HAD Been Awarded China‘s Best Wristwatch 10 times! 

After this portion of history we summarize the main features:

MAKE AND MODEL:  Zuanshi Diamond

Movement / Caliber:  Calibre SM1A-K Chinese hand – wound to 21600 bpm

Case:  Steel. Blind background .

Dial:  Silver

– Diameter:  36 mm in diameter without crown
– Thickness:  9 mm
– Weight:  – g

Crystal:  Plexi
Calendar:  No
Submersible:  No

Strap / s:  leather strap

presentation  –

Accessories  No

– Warranty:  No
– Date of purchase:  June 2015
– Website of Origin Smart Watch:  http://www.carswers.com/2016/06/15/how-to-set-up-smart-watch/

PRICE:  15 euros.

NOTES: Take time trying to catch a piece with this caliber and at the end could fall, it is hard to see them on eBay as often watches out not listed for their brand and much less for their caliber. It is a nice experience the interest in a particular model and make the tracking until you can make with it, and also if you get it at a good price as this case is twice as rewarding. The watch came with a few marks on the plexi reflecting the life he had led, but were easily remedied most of them with a little polish, the next step was to find a decent leather strap and this black leather with light stitching I liked how it was. To enjoy it we not had to do anything more than give rope and began to walk. The watch has the case and the back bears an engraving of the brand, its finishes are austere, then watches were aimed at the Chinese working class and its accuracy and durability prevailed before the luxury details. The logo and indexes are applied in the field, a small size for what it takes today (but for which we have the little doll is ideal) and already I can tell little clock.